Quick TG Change

The Application Menu includes a way to quickly change the target talkgroup “ad-hoc”. It is a temporary change - it will return to the value programmed into the selected channel once you change channels.

I’m going to enter my ID (not a valid “talkgroup” since it’s a user id, but it serves as an example), 3125404. You will use something more like 3 for North America, or 3172 for “Northeast”. Select the “TkGrp” entry with the arrow keys, amenu quickly change talkgroup then press the green button to edit the field. amenu quickly change talkgroup If you need to enter a shorter ID like here, you can press the red button to delete any digits leftover from the previous talkgroup (necessary if you change from 3100 to 3, for instance). amenu quickly change talkgroup Then press the green button to confirm the change. amenu quickly change talkgroup Note the “Cont”act field has a “*” to indicate it’s an ad-hoc contact, and temporary.

One of the main benefits to this capability is that codeplugs can be very simple - only having different channels for the most popular or most used talkgroups. All other talkgroups can be set ad-hoc, saving effort and radio memory.