Application Menu

The Application Menu (abbreviated amenu) is a menu the md380tools developers added, completely separate from the original stock firmware’s menu system.

How to open

With md380tools firmware, It can currently be opened with the red “back” button.
In KG5RKI’s fork of md380tools, it can be opened with the “#” key.
You navigate through the menu with the arrow keys, the green button enters submenus, edits fields, and saves values, and the red button serves as a “back” button.

It looks something like this: amenu\_example

You can close it again by pressing again whatever button you pressed to open it.

Application Menu features

  • Channel Display
  • Quick zone change
  • Contact display
  • Quick talkgroup change
  • Test/Setup options
  • Netmon menu (Here you’ll find all the net monitor displays, including Last Heard (Netmon 4, so press the “4” key).